Feed Togetherness


For our family, raising premium, primitive-breed lamb is about re-instating dinner as an event that draws us closer together.

While our daily, universal need for food can seem boring or sometimes stressful, we believe there is a sacred opportunity to form connection and closeness with one another at the dinner table. Lamb is just one way to infuse a festive intentionality into the ritual of dinner. Whether it’s a barbecued rack of ribs or a week day roast, lamb elevates a meal: its simple elegance can impart just the right spirit to make dinner meaningful.


Lamb is the official meat of slow, intentional living.

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The heart and creativity with which our customers prepare our USDA lamb is just an extension of the way we feel when we’re together as a family. We work together to care for our sheep, teach our kids, and sit together in the pasture drinking iced tea. We hope that our pursuit of more handmade, hospitable living can empower our customers to do the same around their tables.