Icelandic Sheep are a primitive breed, which means premium, mild flavor and top-notch resilience on the pasture.

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Pasture Raised

Our sheep live healthy, unconfined lives with 100% of their time outdoors. Ruminants like sheep have four special stomach compartments that are designed for grass -not grain (although they can enjoy small amounts of soy-free grain as treat.) 

Lamb meat raised on the pasture has high levels of essential nutrients like zinc, iron, selenium and vitamin B12. All pasture raised meats have significantly more omega 3 fatty acids and lower levels of unhealthy fats than their grain-fed counterparts.


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Minimal Intervention

Icelandic sheep offer the unique advantage of hardier, stronger genetics that are more resistant to disease and parasites than many conventional commercial breeds. We choose to breed for these traits instead of using chemical dewormers or antibiotics.

The only ways we interrupt our sheep's otherwise healthy lives is to assist difficult lamb delivery or rescue the occasional rejected baby lamb. So far, all of our bottle babies have ended up reintroduced to their mothers within a few days.


Ecological Grazing

Grazing sheep in patterns that promote pasture health has been shown to improve the farm's overall ecological wellbeing and even sequester carbon!

By 2019 we plan to implement rotational grazing according to the Holistic Management principles and monitor the conditions of the pasture to help stimulate growth, improving the quality of forage that grows there.