So in my Instagram stories yesterday I posted some questions so I can get a better idea of who you are and what you care about. I asked “1. What are your values, 2. what are your dreams, and 3. what are you struggling with?” What I learned from your responses was really surprising to me:

1• The number one value you shared with me was honesty (which you also called integrity, authenticity or vulnerability.) This was incredible. For an app that slaps filters on everything, I think it’s so neat that we are all aware of our desire for real ness and being brave with our truest selves!!
2• Almost every single dreams response included a desire for a life more connected to our values and the people we love. A lot of that was centered on farming and pairing down to live simpler, but many of you also dreamed about new experiences and honing your craft.
3• A LOT of us are struggling with the same things! If you can call Instagram sticker answers data, well then the odds are that most people in the room are going through similar or at least similarly tough things, and are feeling the way you are feeling!

It was so brave of you to share those things with me. Thank you so much! I keep thinking about what a gift it is to put my heart out here and find such meaningful connection. I have a really exciting opportunity this next week that I shared about in my stories tonight, and this exciting thing came about partially because someone was on the other side of the screen at a moment when I was feeling not very competent or put together —but I decided to just be honest about it and share our journey.
All I can say is: BE BRAVE! 🌻