In a batch of chicks we raised five years ago (and then gave away when we moved) there was a beautiful hen who’s icy, gray/blue feathers I have never been able to forget. When I started seeing pictures of #lavenderameraucana chickens I remembered my lovely bird and knew we needed to have some lavenders of our own. I kept a look out for two years before I came upon some available in my area! On Friday we picked up these lovely purple chicken babies!! (And some silkies to boot!) For a while I felt guilty for liking things because they are beautiful. Any time I let aesthetics dictate my choices I wondered if I’d be perceived as vain or superficial. I’ve decided that beautiful things, like flowers, textiles, and purple chickens, serve an essential purpose to capture our imagination and give us joy. 

JPEG image-285C040A8C98-3.jpeg

Chickens bred for feather hue could be misunderstood as humans’ frivolous over-involvement in nature, but these specific lines for Lavender Ameraucanas were recognized by the American Poultry Association because they also carried the essential traits of a healthy, quality chicken.

I came to respect the APA’s rigorous process after writing a story about heritage poultry advocate, @frank.r.reese, who told me that the qualities of a good show chicken (which sound prissy on paper) are actually the same traits that make them ideal for pasture-based farming.

I say don’t feel fake or superficial for liking pretty things! If aesthetics happen to be an essential part of your wellbeing then wear that red lipstick, paint your walls, and get those purple chickens!! 🔮🕺💜