1. These tiny soccer cleats were very hesitant to jump in and join the fray, revealing that I too have that crazy parent inside of me that wants to shove my child out onto the field, "Suck it up and play ball!" All she needed was a few moments in Justin's arms and she leaped after the ball as it went by.

2016-09-08 07.25.17 2.jpg

2. This wooly mister is going to the freezer soon, which is truly sad and I am bracing myself for some hardcore tears. Meat is so costly! Farming has me constantly on the brink of veganism, which I think is a healthy tension to live in.

3. She's halfway through her first time learning to write the alphabet (and I'm scheming to add some Waldorf-style activities to our school routine.)

4. The #farmfailfriday award goes to these turkeys who will NOT be ready for turkey day! I'm crossing my fingers that they'll fill out in time to be someone's Christmas Roast Beast

5. Crisp from the ridiculous volume of apples Justin has brought back from his days at Scott River Lodge.

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