Farming found us when we looked for a more meaningful, community-focused way of eating.

In 2012 we were newly married, newly graduated, and we set out to discover where our food came from. Several kitchen gardens and flocks of chickens later, we found our table overflowing with good food and a desire to share it with our community.

Over our past three years farming in the beautiful foothills of the Klamath National Forest in Northern California, we have raised heritage turkeys, hogs, chickens, sheep, seeds and a market garden. We settled on working with Icelandic sheep because the natural resilience of their primitive heritage allows us to go antibiotic and hormone free. Plus, the Icelandic’s tenderness and mild flavor converted Allie to eating lamb!

Read Allie’s guest essay for the Female Farmer Project for an in-depth take on our beginnings.

Find out more about what’s going on with us on our blog, or on our Instagram page.

About the Hymas Family

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  Justin handles flock and pasture management, keeping the books and tackling wayward rams. He has a degree in Biology from Whitworth University and has studied holistic management, seed saving and permaculture design. Justin is a meticulous seed saver, contract-growing seeds for the Seed Saver's Exchange with the vision of preserving local, open-pollinated vegetable and grain varieties for generations to come. 

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  Allie takes care of lambing, sales, marketing and is the voice behind Hymas Family Lamb’s online presence. She is a freelance writer with a degree in Theology from Whitworth University. Through Allie’s thoughtful writing about agriculture and textile artistry, she is sharing a creative vision for homestead hospitality.

The Hymas family homeschools their three children, Selah, Ozzie, and baby Asa, with a special emphasis on the outdoor adventures and hands-on activities of agrarian life.

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